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    "As a family we have been supported by St. Michael's House since our son Stephen was a baby. Now in his twenties, he is in open employment and lives with five of his friends in a community house in Raheny."

    For 57 years, St. Michael's House has been a leader in the development and provision of community-based services for people with an intellectual disability in Ireland.

    Service users, parents and families are at the heart of how services are planned and delivered. The organisation as a voluntary body is governed by a board of directors, many of whom are parents of a service user.

    Today, we provide a range of services to 1,663 children and adults with an intellectual disability in over 170 centres in the Greater Dublin Area and Navan Co. Meath. Services include: individualised services, clinical therapies, early services, special national schools, inclusive education, vocational training, adult day services, employment support, residential, independent living, respite, social, recreational and specialised Alzheimer services.

    We are committed to offering services and supports that:

    • Reflect the individual needs and choices of service users.
    • Support individuals to develop meaningful relationships, to make a valued contribution and become active members of their community.
    • Empower people to make choices about where they work, live and socialise.
    • Advocate for the improvement and development of services.
    • Are cost-effective and accountable to service users, families and funding authorities.

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