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      Group Structure

     In March 2012 the Board of Directors introduced a new group corporate structure. A new company, St. Michael’s House Group, a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital was established. St. Michael’s House Group is now the holding company for all subsidiary companies.

     St. Michael's House Group

    St. Michael’s Group is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, many of who are parents of a service user. The Board is responsible for the direction and control of the organisation. Anna Shakespeare, Chief Executive Officer, together with the Executive Management Team is responsible for developing, planning and managing services.

    Code of conduct of Board Members

    Registered Office: St. Michael's House Group, Administration Building,Ballymun Road, Dublin 9,D09 DX37. Registration Number: 51121, Charity Registration Number: CHY 20166

    Subsidiary Companies:

    • St. Michael's House (Registration Number 27628 chy 5692)
    • St. Michael's House Services ( Registration Number 511123 chy 20168) 
    • St. Michael's House Housing Association Ltd. (Registration Number: 432718,   CHY 17776)
    •  St. Michael's House Properties ( Registration 511119 chy 20167) 
    • St. Michael's House Leisure Complex Ltd. (Registration Number: 457866)
    • Northbrook Industries Ltd. (Registration Number: 87772 chy 6712) 

    We have commenced implementing the St. Michael's House five-year strategy. Part of this implementation involves changing some our organisational structures. St Michael’s House was divided into three regions North, Northeast and South.

    The changed structure means we are dividing services by service type into adult services and children and young person services rather than by geographic region.

    Michael Farrell and Maureen Hefferon now have responsibility for adult services and Tracey McKenna has responsibility for children and young person services

    Tracey McKenna and her team have responsibility for preschool services and six Special National Schools namely: Ballymun, Baldoyle,  Raheny, Foxfield, Skerries and  Grosvenor Rd .They are also managing children's residential services in Lar Foley and Del Va Unitsl. An organisational map is being finalised.














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