About us

  • Personal Outcomes: Adults
    • I realise personal goals
    • I choose my daily routine
    • I have time, space and opportunity for privacy
    • I decide when to share personal information
    • I use my environment
    • I live in an integrated environment
    • I participate in my community
    • I interact with other members of the community
    • I perform different social roles
    • I have friends
    • I am respected
    • I choose services
    • I am connected to natural support networks
    • I am safe
    • I exercise my rights
    • I am treated fairly
    • I have best possible health
    • I am free from abuse and neglect
    • I experience continuity and security
    • I choose where and with whom I live
    • I choose where I work
    • I have intimate relationships
    • I am satisfied with services
    • I am satisfied with my personal life situation
    • I choose personal goals

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