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  • Board Committees

    Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee reviews and recommends approval of the annual operating budget for St. Michael’s House. The Committee reviews management accounts, including the cash flow position of the organisation and financial reports and reviews and monitors the integrity of the Annual Financial Statements.

    Membership : Michael O’Farrell (Chairperson), Martin Lyes, Laura Beausang, David Hughes.

    Audit & Risk Committee

    The Board has established an Audit and Risk Committee which supports it in its responsibilities for issues of risk, control and audit. The purpose of the Committee is to provide a link between the external auditors and the Board.  The Committee monitors the financial reporting process, the effectiveness of the systems of internal control, internal audit and risk management and the statutory audit and preparation of the financial statements.

    Membership : Dermot O’Beirne (Chairperson) , Maurice Redmond, Martin Lyes,

    Quality & Safety Committee

    The purpose of the Quality & Safety Committee is to assure the Board that there are appropriate and effective systems, structures and processes in place that cover all aspects of clinical, social care and occupational safety, and to set and monitor the delivery of key performance indicators for the quality and safety function at executive and local levels. The Committee monitors standards in protecting and promoting the health and safety of employees and volunteers

    Membership : Eilis Hennessy (Chairperson), Martin Lyes, Raymond Brett, Bernadette Perry, Marjorie Soden, Teresa McDonell, Mairide Woods.

    Governance Committee

    The Governance Committee acts as a support to the Chairperson of the Board in making decisions in emergency circumstances. The Committee is tasked with supporting the Board to identify candidates with the necessary skills and expertise to fill Board vacancies as they arise.

    Membership : Martin Lyes (Chairperson), Dermot O’Beirne, Michael O’Farrell, Jim Cuddy.

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